About me

My name is Willy De Man and I lives in de neighborhood of Brussels.

In 1994 I made a folder, a big one and soon after a small one for my son and one for my daughter. I still had a busy professional life and there was very little time for cutlery.

Until I got to get back the passion and started again to create knives in 2009 and began search through web op looking back information and materials.

Because my space is limited and there is no heavy machinery could stand I made the choice to create my blades by stock removal.

So, my first major work was to make a back stand.

My focus is in the first place to the quality, ergonomics and the design of my knives. For the handles I prefer titanium and natural material, therefore they are light and they fit well in your pocket.

Now retired I have more time and I can focus on my passion.